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Embryonic Stem Cells



Arylepoxamides are novel compounds which binds to a newly discovered receptor, AEAr. The AEAr is widely distributed thoughout the neuro-axis. In preclinical studies, arylepoxamides demonstrate potent analgesia and a clean safety profile lacking respiratory depression, physical dependence and reward behavior.

SBS-0647 (formerly MP1000) - i.v. / s.c. formulation 

Preclinical IND-enabling tox ongoing

Phase 1 clinical anticipated in 2021

SBS-1226 - oral formulation 

Discovery / preclinical development

SBS-972 - i.v. / s.c. formulation

Discovery / preclinical development

Mitragynine Derivative

Mitragynine derives from the kratom plant. The Pasternak lab has characterized its unique pharmacologic profile. It has attributes which make it a suitable candidate for opioid use disorder.

Discovery / Preclinical Development 

Precision Neuropsychiatry 

Use of advanced fMRI technology to develop targeted drugs in neuropsychiatry. 

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