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Arylepoxamides are a new class of analgesics that have potent efficacy with limited side effects.


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Precision Neuropsychiatry

Use of fMRI and advanced analytics to develop and discover drugs for neuropsychiatric diseases. 

Mitragynine Derivative

Derived from the Kratom plant, this class of drug has potential for the treatment of opioid use disorders. 



Pain relief without the side effects

Arylepoxamides are novel compounds which binds to a newly discovered receptor, AEAr. The AEAr is widely distributed throughout the neuro-axis. In preclinical studies, arylepoxamides demonstrate potent analgesia and a clean safety profile lacking respiratory depression, physical dependence and reward behavior.


Preclinical IND-enabling tox ongoing

Phase 1 clinical anticipated in 2021


Mitragynine Derivatives

Attacking addiction head on

Mitragynine derives from the kratom plant. Dr. Majumdar has characterized its unique pharmacologic profile. It has attributes which make it a suitable candidate for opioid use disorder.

Discovery / Preclinical Development 


Precision Neuropsychiatry

Bringing personalized medicine to the brain 

Sparian is collaborating with a spin out of the Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School which is pioneering the use of functional MRI (fMRI) technology and advanced analytics to better understand the neurobiology of disease and the response to treatment. We are looking to use this technology to enhance the precision and success of neuropsychiatric drug development.  

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