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Sparian Biosciences

Sparian Biosciences is a bio-pharmaceutical company focusing on discovering and developing new therapies which target the central nervous system (CNS).


Our Story

Sparian was co-founded by Gavril Pasternak, MD PhD and Jeff Reich, MD to develop therapeutics targeting the brain through innovative science and novel drug discovery.

Our first program focuses on arylepoxamides. The lead candidate is MP1000, a novel new analgesic discovered in the Pasternak Lab that targets a newly characterized receptor. MP1000 demonstrates potent analgesia, but lacks the side effects associated with traditional highly potent pain relievers. 




Arylepoxamides are a new class of analgesics demonstrating potent pain relief without demonstrating physical tolerance, reward response or respiratory depression.

Precision Neuropsychiatry

We are working with a research team out  Boston that is bringing functional imaging to neuropsychiatric diagnosis and drug development. 

Mitragynine Derivative

Derived from the Kratom plant, this class of drug shows potential for use in opioid use disorder (OUD) as well as a rescue medicine for overdoses.

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