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Sparian Biosciences

Sparian Biosciences is a bio-pharmaceutical company focusing on discovering and developing new therapies which target the central nervous system (CNS).


Our Story

Sparian was co-founded by Gavril Pasternak, MD PhD and Jeff Reich, MD after the Pasternak Lab discovered a novel new analgesic (e.g. pain killer). What sets this new drug apart from current drugs is that it’s stronger than what’s out there, while reducing adverse side effects.

Through groundbreaking research, innovative thinking and expert collaboration, our company feels we could change the way CNS diseases are treated on a global scale.

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The Team

Our firms’ core belief is that, through sound science, we can change the way pain, addiction and other psychological diseases are managed in an ethical and empathetic way. We understand that to do this, we must work with the best and brightest in every field of interest.

Our scientific co-founders have a proven track record for producing ground-breaking research published in the top scientific journals in their field. Our management team has over 20 years of consulting and finance experience working small-, mid- and large-cap healthcare companies. Our board of directors has been selected from key opinion leaders in their selected fields.

We also believe in strong partnerships with experienced partners. Therefore, we only work with industry leaders to bring our best ideas and products to market.

To learn more about our team, please click here.

Our Story
The Team



Arylepoxamides are a new type of pain management drug that shows better analgesia (e.g. pain relief) with fewer side effects

Precision Neuropsychiatry

As medical imaging modalities continue to advance, we hope to leverage these accomplishments to develop a better understanding of how the brain works and how to strategically develop drugs for the treatment of common psychiatric diseases

Mitragynine Derivative

Derived from the Kratom plant, this class of drug shows potential for use in opioid use disorders as well as a rescue medicine for overdoses.

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